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BRAND NEWS: FedEx launches SME campaign

FedEx Express has launched a new part of its multimarket marketing and advertising campaign, ‘FedEx solutions powered by people’, aimed at SMEs.

The new series of advertisements will demonstrate how the local knowledge and expertise of FedEx team members, combined with the strength and sophistication of the FedEx global network create opportunities for businesses, both large and small, at home and abroad.

The refreshed creative will focus on three themes: 'Local expertise': providing a view of how the deep knowledge of FedEx and its understanding of where a customer lives can translate to global scale. 'Near and far': using striking imagery of contrasting international cities to illustrate how the network delivers solutions around the corner and around the globe. 'Tracking and visibility': Highlighting how FedEx’s sophisticated technology, approaches and systems can provide SMEs with unmatched control over their global shipments.

The ads will run across print and online, appearing in regional and in local markets. It will also be supported by a series of pages on the FedEx website, where business leaders can find information about innovative transportation solutions as they seek to expand their businesses beyond their own borders. 

Raj Subramaniam, executive vice president, marketing at FedEx Services, commented on the news: “While the FedEx global footprint spans more than 220 countries and territories around the world, it is through the insights and expertise of our local people that we excel at delivering global solutions for our customers. 

“This means our customers have the opportunity to grow their businesses locally and internationally.”

Meanwhile, Brenda McWilliams-Piatek, managing director, communications, brand and digital access marketing at  FedEx Express EMEA said: “Small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly looking beyond their own borders for opportunity and growth.

“The possibilities for UK SMEs are tremendous and finding the right transportation provider is an important early step, ensuring the correct platform and experience are provided to enable international success”.