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BRAND NEWS: Intuit launches ‘Love our local business’ campaign

Intuit UK and StartUp Britain have launched ‘Love our local business’ campaign, aimed at British start-ups and business owners.

British entrepreneurs are set to start more than 500,000 new businesses in 2013, according to StartUp Britain’s StartUp Tracker

The national campaign includes a competition offering £15,000 worth of funding for the winners. Winners will be selected through a combination of online votes and a judging panel with representatives from Intuit and StartUp Britain.

To qualify businesses need to enter a ‘wish’ on the campaign’s microsite outlining why it believes it should qualify for funding. The businesses are then urged to use social channels to drum up support from its customers and supporters to vote.

There are 10 £1000 cash awards and one £5000 prize for the business that qualifies as the winner of the six week campaign.

Mike Williams, head of Intuit UK Business, said: "Intuit is committed to helping entrepreneurs, small businesses and accountants. We know that businesses often struggle to secure funding, especially in their early stages and we hope that by offering this cash award, we will not only provide a much-needed windfall, but we’ll also be able to identify and showcase some of the most innovative British businesses.”

Meanwhile, Start-Up Britain co-founder, Emma Jones said: “We’re increasingly seeing early stage start-ups developing their business ideas on a modest budget before bringing in finance, so they are not only cash poor but they are time poor as well. I like this award because it’s quick and simple to apply for and offers not just cash but national exposure. It’s a great initiative.”