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BRAND NEWS: Pensions to make you 'feel goooood'


Independent pensions and benefits consultancy Hyman Robertson has launched a ‘Guided outcomes’ (GO) campaign with the aim of educating employers and employees on the benefits of defined contribution (DC) pensions.

The organisation have used a ‘smooth character’: ‘Mr Feelgood’. The character, created by Landscape, is designed to be ‘vaguely sexy, sultry and smooth’ and can be seen in four of videos featured on the campaign microsite and YouTube.

Research by Hymans Robertson revealed two thirds of employers believe that almost half their workforce will be unable to retire at State Retirement Age due to inadequate pension savings.

The organisation argues that employers want staff to be able to retire when they want to and have greater certainty about the final value of a pension pot. In addition, employers need to have a clearer idea of what proportion of their workforce is on target to retire at a given point in time.

As a result, GO does not rely solely on educating the employee to make informed choices, but is new approach that sets a target income requirement at outset and then actively supporting employees to help them stay on-track to achieve their target.

Want to know more? Watch the video below: