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BRANDING CAMPAIGN NEWS: Countrywide turns to TV advertising to reach rural businesses

Countrywide, supplier of products and services to the rural community, is the latest B2B brand to opt for television advertising to gain greater brand awareness.

Following in the footsteps of DHL, Citrix and Viking, Countrywide has worked with Brilliant Media to create the TV campaign aimed at rural businesses.

The company, who targets a B2B and B2C audience, has traditionally used press and specialist magazines but hope the television campaign will expose them to a wider audience.

Rebecca Barningham, group marketing manager at Countrywide, said, “We wanted to build on the awareness already created through print advertising, and adding the reach potential of television to our media mix allows us to penetrate often difficult to reach rural locations. Brilliant Media worked with us to show how rural areas not served by other media channels often rely on television to entertain and inform.”