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BRANDING NEWS: Agencies versus athletes

Event experience company, Party for the Podium (PFTP) is looking for creative agencies to compete against Britain’s Olympic athletes and take part in ‘The London agency Olympics’.

The event, is designed to help fund the athletes while offering corporate hospitality or team building sessions to agencies. Events will include rowing, track cycling, beach volleyball, handball and a track and field day.

Participating athletes will use social media and attend industry networking events to promote the event. The creative games’ open ceremony will be on Thursday 21 March.

Track cyclist and London 2012 gold medal winner, Dani King – who will be guiding participants round the track in their own time-trial – said, “All the athletes involved in the project are looking forward to these fun events and this represents a great way for businesses and individuals in London to play their own part in continuing our journeys to Rio in 2016.”

To find out how you can get involved visit the PFTP website