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BRANDING NEWS: B2B beats B2C for gift card and voucher use

B2B gift card and voucher sales topped B2C sales in 2011, according to recently released research.

The UK Gift Card and Voucher Association (UKGCVA) report, put together by Ernst and Young, suggests that B2B was responsible for £2.1 billion of the £4 billion gift voucher, cards and stored value solutions market.

Additionally, the report reveals a 231 per cent increase of B2B vouchers purchased online.

Andrew Johnson, director-general of the UKGCVA, comments, “Recent corporate sales figures of £2.18 billion demonstrate a real boost to the gift card and voucher market.

“Consumer sales have always previously outshone business sales, so it is great to see that corporates are engaging with the industry and as a result, engaging with their employees in the use of gift cards and vouchers to ensure company motivation and satisfaction.”