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BRANDING NEWS: Bartercard trade exchange targets Britain for brand expansion

The world's largest trade exchange company will make a massive push to raise its brand profile among several recession-hit British industries.

Bartercard has recruited Complete Media Group to come up with a fresh PR exhibition campaign targeting ‘important growth areas', such as the airline industry, home building, and the hotel and restaurant trades.

Less than 10 per cent of Bartercard's 55,000 business users come from Britain, and the company is aiming for ‘significant expansion' in specific areas of the domestic sector that need to cut costs in the current economic conditions.

This push will come predominantly through multi-regional and trade press, as Bartercard hopes for an increase in footfall at their regional trade shows - a crucial environment for prospective users to network and interact with other firms.

The company says the campaign has already been well received in the UK.

"There is a real appetite for cost saving across industry, and innovative products such as Bartercard can meet this demand," say the company. "It is likely the global economic crisis will only increase businesses' need to barter their downtime and idle capacity."

The trade exchange firm has grown rapidly since its establishment in Australia during the recession of 1991. Clients of Bartercard are given an account which effectively works like that of a credit card.

Members can obtain goods or services from other users - the value of which is deducted from their account. When members provide goods and services on the exchange, their Bartercard account is credited with trade pounds.

Essentially, the trade exchange aims to save companies cash by avoiding the need for a direct swap.


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