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BRANDING NEWS: Brahm rebrands to put digital at the heart of business

Marketing communications agency Brahm and its digital sister brand Swamp have merged and been rebranded as Brass.

The rebrand signals a more digitally centered approach for the company whilst it insists Brass will still be using other traditional channels that Brahm has built-up over the last 27 years.

John Morgan, chief executive of Brass, said, "We're in a very different marketing world to the one Brahm was in when it started out. The Internet and mobile technology have changed the way we behave, purchase and interact. Digital is at the heart of most consumers' lives, and so it has to be at the heart of most brands' marketing strategies."

Morgan makes a tongue-in-cheek observation about the ‘creative' names many agencies go by saying, "There is also a nice irony in being an agency that's at the forefront of where marketing communication is going and having a really down-to-earth name."