BRANDING NEWS: Brand awareness is a key factor for sales channel partners

Greater brand awareness is the key to increased sales from channel partners working in the technology and telecomms sectors according to a survey commissioned by The Channel Partnership.

Branding also plays a crucial role in selecting a vendor, 58 per cent of respondents said strength of brand was the most important factor in choosing a vendor. Quality of customer support came second with half of those surveyed selecting this option.

Considering the high value placed on customer support, vendors clearly aren’t delivering as only eight per cent of channel partners rated the support they receive as excellent.

The survey revealed vendors' inflexibility to pricing caused the most frustration with over a third of respondents agreeing on this point. Sharing joint second in the frustration stakes with 22 per cent was lack of support and lack of effective training on products and services.

The survey, carried out by The Leadership Foundation, was completed by 250 sales channel partners ranging in seniority from non management to board level.

The shift back to brand awareness is also spoken about in a video following B2B Marketing’s recent attendance at the AOP conference.