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BRANDING NEWS: Brand refresh for Flavia

  Flavia's new logoMars Drinks has unveiled a complete refresh for its hot-drinks brand Flavia, in an attempt to align itself with the coffee-shop culture which has gripped the sector in recent years. 

The overhaul took place at the end of February, as Flavia launched a bid to expand on the 20,000 drinks machines it currently operates nationwide - by bridging the gap between canteen and coffee shop.

A new logo, packaging and website have been created for the 25 year-old brand which will be marketed to existing clients such as Microsoft and O2, as part of the ‘on-going market insight research' that Flavia carries out.

The move follows considerable research by the company into what end-users and decision makers want from their hot drinks provision within the workplace.

Flavia representatives will be visiting sites to gain an insight into how the new changes have been perceived.

"Modern customers are a lot more product-educated", says Ashwin Prasad, marketing development director at Mars Drinks. "The focus is on how Mars Drinks offers customers well-sourced, fresh ingredients, and our new approach reflects that."


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