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BRANDING NEWS: Branded content measurement tool unveiled

The Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA) says it has secured cross-industry support for its service to provide a universally accepted measurement tool to all forms of branded content activity.

The Branded Content Evaluation System (BCES) tool is designed to be used by media, PR and creative agencies, production companies and media owners for planning and evaluating branded content campaigns and is currently being tested out by ITV.

The BCES aims to give marketers an in-depth insight into how branded content campaigns are performing against key brand metrics, allowing marketers to determine ROI and see which campaign elements are performing the best in meeting campaign objectives. BCES will also show marketers what elements of a campaign they could change to optimise ROI.

The BCES has been developed by contentworx on behalf of the BCMA with advertising and planning research companies OTX and Pointlogic.

The BCMA has also secured the support marketing associations including the IPA, APA and thinkbox and is currently building a portfolio of BCES case studies with the backing of mainstream media players, the first of which is with ITV.

A limited number of products are being sold at cost to kick-start the BCMA's Branded Content Effectiveness Charts, thereafter, the Bces will sell at a discounted rate to BCMA members.

Newly appointed BCMA chairman Morgan Holt said, "Branded content is what the advertising industry needs; it's what the producers need, and it's what the audience needs. And yet there's not been a way of measuring it - until now. Now the industry begins."

David Brennan, research and strategy director of thinkbox added, "Branded content is a growing part of TV's business and it is vital that we can understand its contribution to a brand's campaign objectives. As such, we fully support the BCMA in developing a universally accepted methodology to evaluate the contribution of branded content campaigns."

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