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BRANDING NEWS: Bulldog Tools supports school gardening campaign

British tool manufacturer, Bulldog Tools has announced that it will be donating child rake and hoe sets to the Royal Horticultural Society’s ‘School gardening’ campaign.

A total of 500 sets will be given to schools that successfully complete level two of the benchmarking scheme. Teachers are invited to demonstrate how well the garden has been incorporated into school life.

The RHS campaign was launched four years ago, and now has 14,500 schools and education centres registered to it. It aims to teach children about the environment, origin of food plus educate them about responsibility and resilience.

Managing director at Bulldog Tools, Stuart Elsom, said, “It is wonderful to see children involved in gardening and I am pleased that Bulldog Tools has been able to provide the tools for the job and continue its support for the RHS campaign for school gardening.”