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BRANDING NEWS: Canapés transformed into Manapés

The London Kitchen
has embarked on a new mission to hunk up Canapés. Manapés has been described as the ‘hunkier, chunkier event nibble’. Launching the new range of canapés for the heartier appetite, Manapés have been designed to cater for those who want more than just a bite when attending functions.

The London Kitchen will be extending its range of Manapés to include sweet varieties over the next few months.

Damian Clarkson, managing director at The London Kitchen, said: “We have noticed a growing trend as clients request a more filling snack than just the bite size portions provided by traditional canapés. We jokingly referred to them as Manapés and the name has now stuck. More and more of our clients are requesting Manapés per se and so we are now creating a bespoke range of The London Kitchen Manapés and have also applied to register the trademark.”