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BRANDING NEWS: Eloqua helps marketers cope with new EU regulations

Marketing automation vendor Eloqua has unveiled a new solution aimed to help marketers comply with new European privacy regulation.

Named Strict Mode, it was developed to support companies dealing with the EU’s stricter privacy tracking regulations, due to take effect on May 25.

An added amendment establishes that companies conducting online marketing campaigns in the member states must receive explicit permission, or opt-in consent, to track individuals’ actions online.

Eloqua’s platform aims to enable its users to automate the process of requesting opt-in consent from online visitors and automatically update customers’ databases with contacts’ opt-in statuses.

Dennis Dayman, chief privacy and security officer at Eloqua, said, “Companies doing business in the European Union are deeply concerned about staying within the bounds of these new requirements. Eloqua is staying ahead of these changes by introducing these new features.”

Strict Mode is available to Eloqua customers marketing in the EU at no charge. Customers can watch and learn more about the directive here.