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BRANDING NEWS: Energetic rebrand for Currencies Direct


  Currencies Direct's 'energy ribbon'

Foreign exchange firm Currencies Direct has rebranded its business and logo around the vision 'money without frontiers'.

The new brand is designed to position Currencies Direct as a business that uses its expertise and innovative technologies to break down barriers for its customers.

Its logo has been reinvented an 'energy button that makes things happen' and will be positioned more prominently in all marketing communications.

The rebrand will be rolled out across all of Currencies Direct's private, corporate and affiliate businesses, including online payments platform I-PayFX, and fund-raising initiative FX4Charity and will be supported by a multi-platform campaign including public relations, internal communications, website development and online advertising.

The logo and the ribbon is said to represent Currencies Direct's entrepreneurial energy, its customers' ease of access to their money and the freedom to move it around the world with simplicity.

The rebrand was designed by The Gate, the advertising agency responsible for a range of campaigns including the 2009 Poppy Appeal for the Royal British Legion. 

Ignacio Hernandez, managing director of Currencies Direct, said: "The brand is all about how we want customers to see us and 'money without frontiers' means people breaking barriers, through innovative ways to move money around the world.‪

"There has been such a high degree of commoditisation in the industry and we want to show how we are different from everyone else. For us, service is what stands us out ahead of the competition: our knowledge, insight and ability to get things done.‪

He added: "The rebrand's success will not be determined over the next few months, but over the next few years and whether our customers and people share our vision."‪

Richard Hayter, executive creative director at The Gate, said: "It has been a tough year for UK businesses, particularly in the financial services industry, and Currencies Direct is demonstrating that, at a time when consumers are highly cautious in their outlook, it is an optimistic, energetic and innovative business."