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BRANDING NEWS: Fair weather friend

What's missing from your business plan for 2011? A meteorologist, according to the British Weather Services (BWS).

In light of the harsh weather we saw in 2010, the independent weather company is offering businesses their own personal meteorologist. The company accuses the Meteorological Office of ‘withholding vital information' and insist, "The message [that the European winter was going to be severe] never really got into the public domain, until it dawned."

The BWS is offering businesses a 1-10 day severe weather alert with the winter/spring 2011 UK outlook available at £195 plus VAT.

Jim Dale, founder and owner of the BWS says the weather in 2010 had a huge impact at individual and business levels, he insists the weather is also to blame for the "sky high prices of soyabeans as well as other commodities."