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BRANDING NEWS: Figures add up for Russian finance group hitting UK market

  Horizon's new logo, and creative from
the campaign
 Russian factoring and finance group Horizon has undergone a brand refresh in a bid to target financial institutions in the UK with its services.

The year-old finance house, which opened its first office in London in April, has taken on brand design consultancy SCG London to develop a fresh brand identity encouraging businesses to ‘widen their horizons'. The new brand is also being launched in its native Russia, where it plans to more than double its 14 offices before the end of the year. 

The brand refresh fuses business with contemporary art, using numbers to create pictures of faces and landscapes. The logo, based on the HF monogram for Horizon Finance, includes a central horizontal line representing widening horizons plus two diagonal lines representing reaching upwards to achieve goals. The dark blue, traditionally used in corporate finance to suggest solidity and trustworthiness, is supplemented by light blue to add friendliness and openness to the corporate personality, says SCG.

SCG London's MD, Clive Woodger, says, "The challenge was to develop a distinctive business-to-business brand which can meet the expectations and needs of its target audiences, building on the stimulating linkage to latest contemporary art. The result was a sophisticated but memorable profile that is highly relevant to the financial sector."

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