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BRANDING NEWS: Future Ad Labs launches PlayCaptcha

Advertising company Future Ad Labs has launched PlayCaptcha, a branded gamification captcha.

Captchas are a common security feature that force website visitors to rewrite distorted words to prove they are human and not a computer bot.

Future Ad Labs has two launch partners for PlayCaptcha; Heinz and Reckitt Benckiser. The PlayCaptcha for Heinz invites visitors to pour a virtual bottle of Salad Cream onto a sandwich. For Reckitt Benckiser, the team developed a PlayCaptcha that persuades visitors to clean a virtual dirty penny by dragging it into a bowl of Cillit Bang.

While these are B2C examples, captchas are used across B2B websites, often when buying something online, creating a membership profile or commenting on a post. The potential to make these more engaging for customers, and to integrate a company’s brand could be invaluable to B2B marketers tasked with growing customer centricity and increasing brand awareness.

Howard Kingston, CEO and co-founder of Future Ad Labs, said: “By utilising a creative solution that avoids the negative experience of captchas, consumers can immerse themselves in the brand without interrupting their online experience, which helps build brand awareness. Research also shows that PlayCaptcha generates far higher engagement rates than standard digital advertisement formats including banner ads.”