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BRANDING NEWS: HSM merges into GasboxDMG

  New logoHSM will cease to exist as a brand after merging with its sister B2C arm Gasbox, to form GasboxDMG.

One of the founding members of the Digital Marketing Group, the B2B lead generation company merged with its B2C counterparts on April 1, as a process which began at the end of last year to join the two ‘direct voice specialists' was completed.

Managing director of the new firm, Chris Hancock, explained that the decision to axe the HSM brand was made because it was felt that GasboxDMG ‘complimented' the integration process better and was a ‘slicker' brand.

"We chose to discontinue the HSM name as we felt GasboxDMG was a better fit, we are aiming to combine both arms of direct voice marketing under one brand - with the capability of both companies. However we will be maintaining a B2B specialism in Swindon at the same level as before," says Hancock.

However GasboxDMG's long-term goal is to make the former-HSM side of the company more flexible: "We will start to provide some B2C capability in Swindon," adds Hancock.

The announcement follows the launch of new agencyDMG, and the rebranding of all the companies within Digital Marketing Group to carry the DMG name. Company bosses say GasboxDMG's new identity reflects this process of ‘strategic alignment'.


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