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BRANDING NEWS: Identity refresh for technology brands

Corporate technology brands are being forced to launch new identities in order to retain share in an increasingly competitive market, according to branding experts.

Recent rebrands include print solutions provider Xerox, managed hosting provider Rackspace and Computacenter (see p19). “Commoditisation of the marketplace makes it harder for these brands to retain visibility,” says Daniel Lewington, head of digital at The Brand Union. Narrower margins and the rise of clued-up prosumers also means they are having to do more to retain and attract custom.

Both Xerox and Rackspace are repositioning themselves as more holistic service providers – Xerox is keen to use its rebrand to shake off the perception that it is simply “a big photocopier company”, according to its head of brand & marketing communications David Mitchell, while Rackspace says its new identity better reflects the increased number of services it now offers.

Paul Everett of the Marketing Practice, says it's about being seen as business solutions providers rather than product suppliers. “It's not just about saying you have the best product, but about proving you can offer the best service.”


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