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BRANDING NEWS: Infogroup unveils new branding

Data, sales, marketing and research solutions company Infogroup has unveiled a new unified brand image in an attempt to provide a more central approach for new and existing customers to access it's range of businesses.

Many of the well-known brands such as,, OneSource, Yesmail, Opinion Research Corporation and others will keep their name while being positioned as a larger part of the Infogroup family.

Infogroup's CEO Bill Fairfield said the rebranding was ‘much more' than a new look for the company.

"It is a transformation in the way we think and operate that will significantly help our customers achieve better returns with their marketing spend," he said.

"Our goal is to continue our focus on bringing new products and services to the marketplace that will keep our customers at the forefront of technology and ahead of their competitors - all under one resource - Infogroup."

"We see this as a real opportunity to come together as one company to provide our clients with the best solution sets in the market. Our unified brand will help clients and potential clients better understand who we are and how we can help them." 

Fairfield added, "Infogroup is building on the legacy and strength of its individual business units, but now will be able to deliver multiple capabilities to solve the customer's sales, marketing and research needs.

Infogroup says the "i" in the company's new logo represents the international sign for information and "pays homage to one of its most important assets", the information and data Infogroup provides to clients.

"Traditionally we have been ‘behind the scenes' helping people from the small business owner to the Fortune 500 company get the information they need to do their jobs.  We are proud that our data powers the directory services of the top Internet traffic generating sites," Fairfield said.

"Our goal is to be that ‘must have resource' that people can't do without, both professionally and personally.  Now, all they have to do is go to Infogroup."

Infogroup's rebranding effort takes effect immediately, but the implementation will occur in a phased approach throughout 2010 and beyond.