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BRANDING NEWS: 'Inspire the what?' – Hitachi aims to enlighten business audience

Hitachi has appointed Loewy to raise awareness levels and improve the company's brand perception amongst business users across Europe.

Mark Wilkin, head of brand and communications for Hitachi, comments, “The brand's strapline is 'Inspire the Next' but most people are unaware of that; they have no idea what that means in a Hitachi context. We need to make this relevant and believable to business-users.”

The first stage of the campaign is underway and aims to establish current levels of awareness and test what end-users feel about the brand. This phase entails quantitative and qualitative research on current customers and prospects in Europe. Wilkin says, “The quan part will establish what people associate with the Hitachi brand and then we will test new ideas with some qualitative research.”

Wilkin anticipates that this stage will be complete by the summer after which the media planning will commence. He comments, “We need to use media that's relevant. Whether that will be press, sponsorship or outdoor I don't know yet but I am open-minded.”

A full Hitachi campaign should roll out in the autumn.


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