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BRANDING NEWS: Intel and Lockheed Martin support world land speed record

Software giant Intel and aerospace technology company Lockheed Martin are putting their names behind the latest attempt to smash the land speed record by driving a car beyond 1000 mph.

Intel is also providing one of the world's largest cluster computers to aid the design of the vehicle, dubbed Bloodhound, while Lockheed Martin has helped in designing its aluminium wheels.

The B2B companies are hoping that their involvement with the private project will also encourage a next generation of specialists in science and technology. Bloodhound has more than 2,410 primary and secondary schools, 98 further education colleges and 33 universities signed up and using the Bloodhound education resources in their lessons.

Despite being loaned two EJ200 Eurofighter Typhoon engines by the Ministry of Defence, Bloodhound has to raise almost £10m of funds to complete the record attempt in South Africa in 2011.

Watch a video on the car here.