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BRANDING NEWS: Investec aims for a big score with Lord's Media Centre

Investec, the international specialist banking group, is sponsoring Marylebone Cricket Club Media Centre at Lord's in a three-year deal, aimed at reaching a global financial audience and strengthening its brand.

Investec has committed until the end of the 2009 Ashes Series in England. The deal commenced in March.

Investec will benefit from rebranding as the Investec Media Centre, along with corporate entertainment facilities and perimeter board branding. The Centre was previously sponsored by Natwest.

Jennifer Whiteford, corporate communications officer at Investec, comments, “We have previously identified cricket as a suitable medium to target our market, and have had a presence using perimeter boards and billboards. Cricket also works for us because of its televised opportunities across the borders of the three main geographic areas that we operate in, namely the UK, South Africa and Australia. We hope to use the sponsorship and partnership with Lord's and the MCC brand to strengthen our brand.”

The Investec Media Centre opened in 1999 and has been the winner of several architecture awards, including the Stirling Prize, a high-status award from the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Standing 15 metres above the pitch at Lord's, it spans 42 metres between its two stands: Compton and Edrich. The building has a unique aluminium shell design and has accommodated international media and corporates for all major matches at Lord's since it opened and hosted the 1999 ICC World Cup Final.

This is not the first time Investec has sponsored a sports venue. It has been the ongoing sponsor of the England Rugby International matches, which are played at Twickenham every autumn since 1999.


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