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BRANDING NEWS: Jubilee rebrands to standout

Jubilee Managing Agency, a syndicate within Lloyds the insurer, has appointed Lamb Creative Marketing to rebrand it as part of a corporate strategic plan.

Jubilee and its sub-brands, which works with insurance brokers across the UK and Europe, has been revitalised in an effort to unite the brand image. Previously staff and clients reported being unaware that the sub-brands were part of Jubilee.

Lamb opted to use bright colours in the new logos in an attempt to make Jubilee stand out against its competitors, who often opt for traditional colours. The new vibrant creative has been carried through to the company's website and recent advertising campaign.

Neil Johnson, creative director of Lamb says, "The key message we heard consistently in our initial work with Jubilee staff was that they prided themselves on offering a uniquely tailored approach. With this in mind we used an unusual font and crucially a colour that makes the brand distinctive in a traditionally conservative market."