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BRANDING NEWS: Kimberly-Clark launches sustainability programme

Kimberly-Clark has launched Sustainability 2015, a CSR programme designed to focus on ‘people, the planet and products’.

Its new programme is a broadened version of previous visions and is designed to meet the challenges of increasing costs among diminishing resources. The ‘people’ aspect of Sustainability 2015 is designed to ensure that business practices are beneficial to employees and communities.

To cement this, Kimberly-Clark has run an internal marketing push where employees were invited to find out more about what sustainability means to Kimberly-Clark and to sign a pledge from a personal and business perspective.

The issue of sustainability and environmentally friendliness has been rather luke-warm in B2B, with most businesses recognising the importance on paper but without much actual noise being made about it. Kimberly Clark has run various sustainability programmes since 1994 with varying success.

Speaking about its previous programme, Jessica Stevens, EMEA communications consultant at Kimberly-Clark said, “We have shown progress in all of the areas we targeted in Vision 2010. In some cases we fell short of our goals and in many other areas we exceeded our targets. It might have been easier to set lower, easy-to-achieve goals but by setting ambitious targets, we have stimulated lots of energy, activity and willingness throughout the organisation that will bear fruit in the longer term.”