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BRANDING NEWS: Kimberly-Clark seeks strategic supplier status

Kimberly-Clark Professional is repositioning itself as a supplier of health and safety solutions through a new pan-European campaign.

The initiative, which was launched in January 2009 in eight European countries – including the UK, Germany and France – marks a departure from its former positioning as a provider of washroom products to sectors such as agriculture, food processing and civil engineering.

“This campaign was born out of a need to change the perception of Kimberly-Clark Professional from a provider of health and hygiene solutions to health and safety as well as hygiene solutions,” says Michel Le Borgne, marketing manager of Kimberly-Clark Professional in the UK and Ireland.

The 'Evolution of Care' campaign is based on the premise that the environment has always provided a stimulus for evolution.

Activity includes advertising, a microsite – – PR and direct communication involving face-to-face sales to existing customers.

Leading it will be what the client intends to be a striking visual approach to grab the market's attention and create an emotional impact.

“Traditionally in B2B marketing we haven't had such strong visuals before so we are excited to have an appealing story and strong visuals for the audience,” explains Le Borgne. The visuals will appear on teaser cards, ads, exhibition displays, in-store display units, the website and e-communications. “All marketing materials are developed in a similar style so they can be quickly identified as part of the same campaign,” adds Le Borgne.

One of the visuals is 'Eyewear', a futuristic ad featuring a woman with sunglass lenses embedded over her eyes. The ad will appear in the Health and Safety Matters magazine in the February/March issue.

Kimberly-Clark will be exhibiting at the Health & Safety 09 on the February 24-25 2009 at Sandown Park, Railtex.

“The key message we want to communicate is that Kimberly-Clark Professional has evolved with the ever-changing needs of our customers and changed from a washroom systems provider to an indispensable business partner delivering leading-edge and trustworthy health and safety products for the workplace,” says Le Borgne.

Whilst being in the business for health and hygiene products for over 135 years, the company's existing product range for safety products has only been available for 20 years.

Le Borgne says the company will encourage support for the initiative by allowing end-users to see the results for themselves.

This will be achieved through sampling programmes as well as attractive promotions for end users.


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