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BRANDING NEWS: Kohler Daryl creates new identity to boost sales

Shower enclosure manufacturer, Kohler Daryl has created a new identity in order to boost sales via showroom channels.

Kohler Daryl wanted to find out how its brand was perceived amongst its target audience, retailers. John Morris, business director at Kohler Daryl says it needed to identify "how we could encourage them [retailers] to push our products."

Design agency, Tayburn, has been commissioned to do the work. It carried out interviews and arranged for a mystery shopper to visit, resulting in a focus on the shower manufacturer's principle showrooms. Following the visits the decision was taken to give them support and training at the point of sale and after sales services.

Jane Hughes, business director at Tayburn's Manchester office says, "This was not purely about design, it forms the basis of a wider strategy that we are working on with Kohler Daryl to help them work in partnership with their key customers in the showroom channel."