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BRANDING NEWS: Makeover for Economia

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW) has given its brand a facelift as part of a push to expand into emerging economies, such as China, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Russia.

The depiction of the 'Economia' character in its logo (found on its heraldic seal) has been retained, but modernised and adapted for new media channels.

This is the first ICAEW rebrand for over 50 years.

Michael Izza, CEO of the ICAEW, says, “By retaining Economia and her tools of good management – but at the same time simplifying the look – we have created a mark that will help us to maintain a strong reputation for the institute.

This clearly identify our members as chartered accountants.”

Brand strategy and positioning have also been revamped to appeal to all of the ICAEW's 128,000 members, which comprise practitioners at SMEs as well as larger enterprise firms, such as the Big Four.

Keith Wells, partner and client director at Dragon, which devised the rebrand, comments, “The ICAEW almost didn't have a brand before, its role was not clarified and it wasn't understood by its members. Now they have a sense of what their role is externally, and there is a commitment in the brand to help increase its value to members.”

The new image was launched on 8 January, having been embedded in the staff culture over the previous six months.

ICAEW members were invited to a series of brand introduction meetings on launch day at the headquarters in central London and Milton Keynes, which were adorned with banners depicting the new identity.

Izza, CEO at the ICAEW, gave a brand presentation to members.


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