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BRANDING NEWS: Marketer turns to crowdfunding

Bryony Thomas, marketing consultant and business speaker, is proposing an 'all or nothing' deal to secure funding for a website designed to help SMEs with marketing.

The website, which will to work alongside her book Watertight Marketing – published in January, must receive £5000 in financial support by 21 November if it’s to be ready at the same as the book. Using crowdfunding website Pleasefundus, Thomas said, “Every penny will go back to backers if the target isn’t reached.”

The book provides a framework for SMEs to put a marketing operation in place that delivers long-term sales results, the website will feature action plans, templates and tools to help SMEs achieve this.

Thomas is almost a fifth of the way to reaching her target.

Speaking about her project, Thomas said, “They [SMEs] are under a constant barrage of marketing advice, some of it downright dangerous, leaving them struggling because they don’t know what’s right for their business.  I’m going to change that, and make sure that small businesses get payback on every minute and every penny they put into their marketing."