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BRANDING NEWS: Media consultants unite to form Kantar Media

The media assets of Big name brands TNS, KMR Group and BMRB have combined to form Kantar Media, with the change being effective immediately.

The new group is part of insight and consultancy network Kantar and will offer a range of audience measurement, media monitoring and analysis software for all media platforms. It is designed to offer simplified access to the full range of Kantar's specialist media assets.

The combining of the groups under one name is claimed to aid clients keep up-to-date with ‘the fast moving media world' as Kantar will now offer more integrated and improved solutions.

Jean-Michel Portier, CEO of Kantar Media says, "The new velocity in the media world is resulting in a previously unseen rate of fragmentation.  This brings new challenges to brand owners, media owners, communications and PR agencies. The ability to offer an integrated media vision with unique consumer understanding is critical to our clients."