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BRANDING NEWS: My Brand Tech launches new branding opportunities


 My Brand hopes to challenge computer manufacturing brands



Technology company My Brand Tech is launching its services with a mass communication campaign to raise brand awareness among large corporate companies.

My Brand Tech, who personalise laptops with a company's branding as opposed to the make of the computer, is targeting large companies as it claims they are ‘easier to find'.

Founder, Fabrice ward, said "If there was a good way to find SMEs I would love to target them, I think they have the potential to be more dynamic and competitive, they also have a simpler decision making process when it comes to purchasing."

My Brand uses a process called In Mould Lamination (IML) to produce high spec designs that are fully moulded into the computer. Any company logo or brand identity can be integrated into the shell of the machine to create a slick, stylish and truly unique computer.

It will begin its campaign with a test email going to 1000 marketing professionals across several sectors including, finance, legal and pharmaceutical. Once it has monitored the response and made any changes necessary, My Brand will send the email campaign to 20,000 people and follow it up with a targeted piece of direct marketing.

Ward, who says My Brand is the first to market with this brand building idea said, "For businesses it is a genuine white label opportunity to create, stand out and increase brand recognition for their own brands."