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BRANDING NEWS: National Federation of Builders unveils fresh branding

The National Federation of Builders (NFB) has unveiled a brand refresh to support its ongoing core values, as well as reflect its future strategy.

The revamped brand creative includes contemporary logos and colours, which aim to reflect the federation's forward-thinking ethos and commitment to 'building people, building companies and building futures'.

The redesign was created by the NFB's marketing team and West Sussex-based agency, Design House Media. The NFB's web design specialists, Eversite, also helped to relaunch the existing websites to incorporate the brand refresh, although a revised website, which will encourage online community interaction, is planned for a later phase.

Commenting on the NFB's new branding, external affairs director, Sameena Thompson said, "The NFB is rightly proud of its 150-year heritage, but many members tell us that it must appear modern and relevant in today's challenges and fast-moving political and business environments. The new family of logos and colour palettes helps us to do this while reflecting our forward-looking stance.

"This is an exciting time for the NFB and the brand refresh is only the first phase as we plan to launch a new website to reflect our ambitions for the future. Building on the foundations previously laid, this brand refresh provides the solid building blocks needed to support the federation's core values and strategy."