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BRANDING NEWS: New brand identity for Viking

Global office supplies provider, Office Depot has launched the new brand for Viking – its arm for small and medium sized businesses in Europe.

The new brand, developed with design consultancy Lippincott, was launched to the UK this week. Along with the new look a new website was designed and new catalogues will be sent out to Viking’s database.

Viking found it was not standing out from its competition so Lippincott designed the new brand around offering help and support. Instead of trying to shout the loudest about discounts, like its competitors, Viking now promotes its ‘helpful and better customer experiences’

The new design incorporates illustrations that are synonymous of doodles, something associated with office life.

Commenting on the rebrand, Marc von Acshwege, marketing director - European customer development said, “With Lippincott we’ve been through a very clear process to redefine how to stand-out in the market. Through the brand renewal we have been able to bring our new strategy to life for the customer in a way that will inspire them to get the most from their office environment”.