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BRANDING NEWS: New-look logo on BPRI's 21st birthday

BPRI has unveiled a new logo in its 21st year as a B2B market research consultancy, to bring its identity up to date.

The new logo shows four triangles converging on a single point, to symbolise pinpointed clarity and arrival at a single point of focus.

Kate McGhee, client director at BPRI, comments, “We thought we could present a clearer picture to clients and staff through the design route about our corporate identity. The corporate colours used to be royal blue and yellow and BPRI was displayed in lower case in keeping with the year 2000 dotcom era; it was of its time. There was a sense that it had dated and also some other agencies were using the same colours.”

The new logo appears in two different formats – one on a black background with white writing and the other on a transparent background with black writing – to enable flexible reproduction.

BPRI conducted a number of internal workshops and used its regular customer satisfaction research to gain feedback on its brand.

It has sent out DM to 200 key clients in the form of a postcard containing rebranding information. It has also undertaking some viral marketing by setting internal staff the challenge of communicating its new identity to five business contacts that do not already appear on its database.

The brand identity will also be integrated and communicated through previously planned marketing campaigns.


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