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BRANDING NEWS: Nominet to allow brands to register one character domain names

The national registry for .uk domain names, Nominet is set to release short, previously restricted, domain names.

Brands are being invited to give feedback on the decision especially if they are interested in registering for a short domain name. The consultation period will be open for three months until June 8.

The release of two letter, one character and other reserved domain names is not currently possible and is expected to see brands competing with each other once the restriction has been lifted.

Nominet will publish a summary of all responses on its website and will develop a series of recommendations for the release of the names.

Lesley Cowley, CEO of Nominet said, "We are committed to ensuring that the release of these short domains is conducted in an appropriate, responsible and fair manner. We therefore urge all Internet stakeholders including consumers, industry and Government to submit their feedback during the next three months."

For more information and to submit feedback visit the Nominet site.

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