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BRANDING NEWS: OS turn to video to highlight new digital offering

Ordnance Survey has launched a promotional video aimed at businesses, highlighting its new ‘OnDemand’ offering.

The company claims its new product will ‘allow you to access your mapping data, from wherever you are.’

Greg Davis. OS’ B2B marketing communications manager said, “OS OnDemand is a bit of a departure from our normal digital mapping products, being a service partly powered by the cloud with plans to be fully cloud based before the end of the year.

“We wanted the marketing communications to reflect that difference. We chose video because it gave us an opportunity to tell the product story in a compelling way; we felt the concept was sticky enough to have viral appeal which would enable us to engage with our audience using social media channels as well as being able to use the video offline as an ice breaker at presentations by our sales teams.”

The video can be viewed above.