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BRANDING NEWS: Poster campaigns hit the road

  A Posters in Transit campaign 

A new national road media service that uses vans to display poster campaigns has been launched by Posters in Transit.

Vans driven owners of businesses such as couriers, builders and distribution, as well as corporate fleets, have posters applied to their rear door panels marketing their goods and services.

Charles Endacott, managing director of Posters in Transit said that according to 3M's Measurement of Vehicle Image Effectiveness an estimated 3000 people per hour could see a campaign poster, "that could be up to 30,000 impressions per day on, say, a courier van working a ten hour day, and these figures exclude pedestrians."

He continued, "The positioning of our posters is in direct line of sight of other road users, drivers and passengers, and this maximises the impact of the medium."

There is no cost for specialised vehicles or staff employed to drive advertising vans around so the company claims their rates are very competitive.

The company also states that their vans are not restricted to main roads and often drive through suburbs and local shopping areas thereby reaching a broader consumer audience and can target audiences by route, area and time.

The company can select vehicles that travel in and out of business areas during rush hours or drive around town centres and key shopping areas during the day. They can target individual towns or boroughs, key routes, UK regions or provide national coverage.