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BRANDING NEWS: Quark goes green with new logo

Software publishing company Quark launched a new logo and visual identity last month, replacing a brand image that had been in place for 15 years.

The rebranding process took 18 months and was steered from the US where the company is based.

Research, in the form of focus groups, was carried out on clients at the beginning of the process. This aimed to gauge the market's perception of Quark, enabling comparison with how it wished to be perceived.

Gavin Drake, Quark's marketing manager for Europe, comments, “The research found that Quark was distanced from the customer. It also found that older members of the design community were using the software rather then up and coming designers.

“We want to be perceived as a more open and modern company – this is what we want the brand to convey,” he adds.

Designed by Texas-based agency SicolaMartin, the new green logo suggests a stylised 'Q' and is in stark contrast to the old black and red logo. People from Quark's global offices were involved in the final decision however these numbers were kept down, “as it's very difficult to change a logo by democracy,” according to Drake.

Insiders are keen to point out that it's not just a matter of changing the company's brand. “This brand is an outward reflection of changes internally. It's not just window dressing,” according to Drake.

The new brand initiative was communicated internally through webinars and face-to-face meetings. Customers, partners and system integrators were made aware of the company's changes via a worldwide email shot.

In the coming months an ongoing PR campaign as well as advertising and DM will communicate the brand messages to the marketplace.


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