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BRANDING NEWS: Regus consolidates international PR

The world's largest provider of workspace solutions Regus Group has launched a new international PR campaign to raise awareness in 30 countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa as well as Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Regus is partnering with BondPR International, a specialist in managing multi-country communications campaigns.  Regus retains existing agencies in 10 markets. BondPR focuses on 30 countries, replacing some 20 PR agencies which had covered most of these geographies.

The campaign is being built around Regus's key messages which it says are particularly relevant because of globalisation, cost review and changing work patterns.

BondPR is tailoring, localising and translating the articles, briefing papers, surveys and research reports produced by Regus' corporate communications team to meet the needs of key business and management media around the world.

Andrew Brown, group communications director at Regus said, "As our company grew, so too did the number of agencies on our roster.  Yet what started as a successful strategy became a management nightmare. The challenge was to find a partner that could still give us the best support in local markets but through a single point of contact."

Leading the campaign will be Helen Bannigan, CEO of BondPR International, supported by Sophie Decaudin, based at BondPR Paris.  They will be working closely with Nathalie Renson, Regus Group Head of Communications, also based in Paris.  

Regional management teams in EMEA, Latin America and AsiaPacific liaise with individual countries as required and report back to BondPR headquarters, giving Regus one point of contact for 30 countries. BondPR is currently running campaigns in 50 countries implemented by its own offices and delivery partners.#

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