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BRANDING NEWS: Ricoh unveil outdoor ‘eco-board’ campaign

Office solutions provider Ricoh has unveiled its latest campaign; a B2B advertisement placed on a billboard powered by 100% sustainable energy, positioned west of central London.

Billed as being powered entirely by wind and solar power, the Ricoh eco-board is the first of its kind in Europe and uses the power it has generated over the course of the day to illuminate itself when appropriate.

Phil Keoghan, CEO of Ricoh UK, said, “Our ethos is to go beyond simply meeting regulatory requirements relating to sustainability by proactively promoting environmentally responsible practices in our own business and for our customers.

“The launch of the eco-board takes us one step further by reminding wider public audiences to act in a sustainable way and think beyond the obvious when it comes to protecting natural resources.”

The company placed a similar eco-board advertisement in New York last year.


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