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BRANDING NEWS: Ricoh unveils global brand repositioning

Managed services provider Ricoh has unveiled its new global brand positioning with the tag line ‘imagine. change.’

The new messaging was put together by Interbrand and is designed to reflect Ricoh’s shift towards services.  The strap line was borne out of the notion of imagining an idea and all the possibilities around that idea, and then actually doing something about. The new brand will roll out across all of Ricoh’s global markets during the year.

In a bid to practice what its new brand message is preaching, trying something different, Ricoh is allowing its global marketing departments a degree of flexibility with the creative for the localised marketing messages.

Speaking to B2B Marketing about achieving internal buy-in ahead of the campaign, Javier Diez-Aguirre, director of corporate communications said, “Your biggest assets exist internally, you need to get under their skin. There was a lot of collaboration prior to the launch and HR has been running training sessions to support the change. This year the internal focus is on acceptance and learning of the new brand positioning, but next year we’ll be looking to actively encourage a change in behaviour.” Diez-Aguirre revealed he used a number of tools to engage with employees, including internal television network, email, newsletters and more recently a new collaboration tool.

He also explained how he worked closely with his board to get them engaged with the campaign from the outset. He offered the following advice to other marketers, “Don’t surprise them, work with them on a one-to-one basis beforehand. Go in there with energy as well as data. They can see my emotions and they respond, I don’t present, I tell stories.”

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