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BRANDING NEWS: RICS opts for a digital restyling

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has undertaken a major digital transformation to provide its members with a new globally branded multi-device digital channel.

The new project, designed by London-based digital agency, Fortune Cookie, focuses on the redevelopment of RICS’ web portal, in order to improve the brand experience and deepen the engagement for the institution’s members. The programme will also encompass a full range of digital services and functionalities, including content management, community, e-commerce, mobile and social media.

Commenting on the initiative, Marcus Potter, executive director for developing markets at RICS, said, “This is an incredibly exciting project that supports our aim to provide value to our existing members through the use of digital channels.”

Maggie Lonergan, client development director at Fortune Cookie, added, “The content and functionality will support members at all stages of their career development ensuring that the institution remains a relevant advisor, mentor and facilitator at the forefront of its members’ minds. As such, members will be able to access RICS’ website via mobile and tablet PCs, transact through an improved e-commerce capability and exchange views with other members through a community area.”

Fortune Cookie started working on RICS’ project in December 2010 and expects to complete it in three years time.