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BRANDING NEWS: Rosslyn Analytics sheds 'corporate' image with rebrand


 Rosslyn Analytics' new branding



Rosslyn Analytics is launching a new website designed to make it stand out from its competitors.

The software company has opted to personify owls - because of their knowledgeable connotation - in a bid to differentiate itself from other traditional corporate brands.

Cyber-Duck is the interactive agency who was responsible for creating the new website. It wanted it to match the company's values of an outspoken marketing approach, being innovative and unique while also being transparent and personable.

Early results showed double the number of unique users visited the website after an email campaign in the first week of the launch.

Speaking about the new website Lance Mercereau, director of marketing at Rosslyn Analytics said, "User experience was at the centre of the new website design. We wanted to ensure that our website clearly offered the relevant information in a simple and concise manner to all website visitors, we also wanted it to stand out from the crowd."