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BRANDING NEWS: Shell Gas Direct aims to heighten its profile with new identity

Shell Gas Direct is aiming to raise its profile in the commercial gas supply market – currently dominated by Powergen and British Gas – with a targeted direct mail strategy and new visual identity created by the Gyro Group.

Fiona Knolls, account director at Gyro Group, comments, “The aim is to raise awareness and bring a face to Shell Gas Direct so business buyers will start to work with them like Powergen and British Gas.”

DM activity commenced at the end of February with a prospect mailing to 5000 SMBs nationwide in the catering sector. This sector was picked specifically for its high use of gas in cooking.

According to Knolls the mailers were personalised using variable digital techniques and exclusively printed on recycled paper. They contained a special offer for 'gasback' or a credit allowance on bills. A follow-up telesales campaign is currently underway.

The company's new visual identity – spanning stationary, sales packs and HQ – expands on the core brand's 'nature' theme but the introduction of distinct graphical elements will differentiate it. Knolls states that the creative is in the same vein but different.

The online offering will be updated in coming months. She adds, “The target audience for the current mailing are not that Internet-savvy, but we are in the process of making the site more interesting and interactive.”


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