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BRANDING NEWS: Siemens dominates FT iPhone app



 FT iPhone app

Siemens is the commercial launch partner and sole advertiser for the new Financial Times iPhone application.

Siemens opted to work with the FT as part of its ‘Siemens answers' campaign on behalf of all its businesses including information and communication, transportation and power. The campaign is designed to highlight Siemens' products and services, particularly those which benefit the environment. Ian Riley, head of marketing and communication at Siemens says, "We feature our energy saving technology, efficient healthcare equipment and green technology such as wind turbines."

In working with the FT, Siemens hope to target primarily chief executives, MDs and CEOs of major businesses. Siemens' logo appears at the foot of the FT web page and people can click through to the website. 

Riley explains the campaign objective was to demonstrate its credentials as a green infrastructure provider. He says, "Our brand research shows significant improvements in Siemens brand awareness, brand image, brand attributes and reputation in the UK." He also reports they have seen an increase in purchase consideration.

An integrated PR campaign was used to launch the app. It was subject to in house advertising - on the FT site and in the paper - digital and traditional PR. A demo video was hosted on Youtube and twitter feeds regarding the app were sent out to FT subscribers.  

The app provides users with clean and fast access to Financial Times content whilst on the go. Advertisers will also benefit due to the interactive advertising blended into the applications interface. They will have the opportunity to deliver tailored content to individuals although Siemens is the sole advertiser for one month.
FT lead product manager, Stephen Pinches, says, "Combining the FT access model with a great platform for our premium advertisers means we will instantly see a financial return on investment."