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BRANDING NEWS: TNT goes 'earth-friendly' with new packaging line

 One of TNT's new packaging designs TNT has refreshed its packaging line in a bid to more strongly align itself as an environmentally friendly brand.

The parcel carrier's Express division, which produces 50 million packaging items per year for businesses around the globe, is deploying a new ‘earth friendly' line of packaging which is made either of recycled materials or, if made from plastic, is biodegradable.

The move is part of the company's wider strategy to be seen to be reducing its impact on the environment, which so far seems to be working; last month it became the only parcel and mail distribution company to achieve an ISO 14001 accreditation, an official acknowledgement that it is making significant strides towards reducing its carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.

TNT's new packaging has also been designed to make the brand stand out better; whilst sticking with the signature orange colour theme and the tagline ‘It's our business to deliver yours', images of sunflowers, oranges, goldfishes, sea stars, flower petals and butterflies have been assigned to the different products available, which include the ‘Tubepak', ‘Bubblepack' and ‘Medpak'.

"Just as we unified TNT's portfolio of express delivery services worldwide, we now introduce a consistent packaging line worldwide to offer customers a clear choice of convenient packaging options", says Jan Willem Breen, director of marketing and sales of TNT's Express division.

TNT is not the only parcel carrier to have undergone an image transformation this month; Parceline has also announced that it will be changing its name to DPD, the brand name used by its European sister companies and the name of its international network. DPD liveried vans and trucks have already started appearing on UK roads.

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