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BRANDING NEWS: Tribe unleashes ‘Brand Warriors’

Tribe has launched a new training programme for ‘Brand Warriors’. The campaign aims to establish Tribe as an experiential agency specialising in creative events.

These unusual brand ambassadors will be handpicked for their brand fighting skills and trained in the art of front line sales. 

All candidates will attend Tribalism – an intense, ISSM accredited boot camp. The new recruitment process hopes to find people who are passionate about the brands they are fighting for.

Chandelle Downs, field director at Tribe, said: “Although many agencies recruit staff only from online applications and telephone interviews, we believe that the crucial face to face insight, which we pick up from meetings in person combined with psychological testing, is essential to finding the very best people.

"Our in house talent team aren’t simply recruiters, they’re hunters, trained to search, select and train only the best. The ability to do this is a source of competitive advantage in an increasingly brutal brand battle on the frontline”.