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BRANDING NEWS: Workplace launches promotional video game

Cloud-based workforce management provider Workplace has embraced 16-bit-inspired gamification and launched a video game offering users the opportunity to assume the role of a retail operations manager.

Workplace: The Game, it is claimed, represents a retail industry first, and is a ‘simplified parody of the real life scheduling and forecasting modules of Workplace’s software.’

The game’s launch is designed to celebrate Workplace’s continued success with its proprietary Schedule Quality Rating (SQR).

Britt Davies, chief marketing officer at Workplace, said: “The SQR is part of delivering the Workplace vision: Your workforce, simpler to manage. The one-to-five star score indicates the quality of a schedule, and places managers in healthy competition with one another.

“The gamification element of the platform has proved to be effective for clients in driving sales as well as employee engagement, so what better way to celebrate this success than by creating a fun and engaging video game that incorporates the SQR element of the Workplace proposition.”

To test your skills on Workplace: the game, visit the microsite.