Brands failing to understand customers despite technology solutions

Big brands are failing to understand their customers despite the prevalence of purpose-built technology systems, according to a recent report by Amido.

When interviewed, CIOs and CMOs across five key verticals – retail, financial services, media, automotive, and utilities – admitted to falling short of creating a single customer viewpoint.

The same members of the c-suite agreed that customer centricity is of great strategic importance for business development and customer retention.  

The report also found that, although all organisations surveyed are collecting customer data, many are failing to incorporate inter-departmental solutions in order to share and analyse the information, causing siloed activity.   

As a result, marketing teams are failing to unlock the potential of the existing infrastructure – and complementary technologies – that they have deployed to achieve customer centricity. 

Respondents across all verticals agreed that both marketing and IT seek a greater understanding of the customer’s identity.

Alan Walsh, CEO of Amido, said: “Our report clearly reveals that all organisations see customer identity as a rich resource, but seem unsure about how to achieve this.

“[...] CIOs and CMOs need to realise that the solution is rarely a single product to answer a complex enterprise-wide problem, meaning integration of technologies is inevitable.”